The adventures of two endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterflies


birdwings' new home book cover

  • Picture storybook for pre- and lower primary school children
  • Shows the adventures of two (endangered) Richmond Birdwing Butterflies as they seek a new home and new friends.
  • While readers relate to the problems of moving house, finding new friends and a new place to play, they absorb details of the butterflies’ life cycle – requirements and hazards – and realise what we can do to help conserve them.
  • Ecologically correct, with exquisite full-page illustrations, this book is for everyone interested in learning more about the wonders of the natural world.

Comments on: "Home" (4)

  1. Ralph said:

    What a fantastic book! I love the pictures and my kids love the story! Beautiful! thanks!!!

  2. The book sounds great – we have Micky’s Music and love it so am looking forward to a book from the same author. My daughter has planted birdwing Vines at her primary school in a riparian rainforest revegetation project and is very interested in the butterflies preservation.

  3. d33pblue said:

    What a great book! For lovers of Birdwings of all ages – and future lovers of Birdwings. So informative in such an engaging way. Am absolutely delighted with your books. Charlie and I will be planting two more pararistolochias today.
    Thank you so much Lyn!


  4. Thank you for your positive comments. May you always find butterflies in your gardens.

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